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Fathers Day - Under the Hood

Let Dad Know He Holds a Special Place in Your Heart!

Dads can get a bum rap. I mean, we all have (or know, or are married to) a super-mom who juggles a gagillion different kid activities, being a gourmet chef, a job, a home, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. But lets face it: Dads get the short end of the stick sometimes when it comes to credit and appreciation (c'mon, a tie, tool kit and a box of golf balls once a year only go so far). Even if your dad (or the dad rold model in your life) is the 'strong silent type,' you probably picked up a few great traits by watching him work hard, keep the house from falling down, or protect your family (you may never have known how he started down that bully behind your back). Even the most stoic of 'pops' can have a killer comical side that he keeps hidden... and Father's Day is the perfect chance to help him unleash his inner Funny Guy (and keeps things from getting... you know, mushy).

Show dad how much he is appreciated by doing one or all of the suggestions below!

1. Give him a BIG Hug

2. Wash his car

3. Grill some Chicken

4. Give him Summer Special Offers for DMA Automotive



    Special #1

    Great for those every day repairs or services that your vehicle needs to keep your vehicle and family safe!






    Special #2

    Hitting the road anytime soon? Let us take the worry out of the road trip and take care of your vehicle! If you are hitting the road in this heat, the last thing you need is vehicle trouble. Our Road Trip Special will take the stress of of traveling... well, most of the stress anyways.