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Disc Brake repair in Duluth

Understanding the most important safety feature on your vehicle is valuable information. When you press on the brake, a process involving hydraulic pressure initiates. The relative pressure from your foot is transferred to a disc brake. A caliper then squeezes the pads on either side of the rotor. This creates tremendous heat. Heat is produced from the friction involved here that brings the car to a stop. For this reason, most disc brakes are vented.

Motorcycle Disc Brake Repair | DMA AutomotiveDisc brake pads are usually made of a metallic material but can also be made of ceramic, kevlar or organic components. In the case of your motorbike, the disc brakes are controlled not by your foot, but by hand levers. The right lever is dedicated to the front wheel and provides more stopping power. The left lever controls the back wheel and provides a more gradual stop. As with other vehicles, motorbike brakes are vented. However, the design is often more attractive because the motorbike disc brakes are drilled or slotted as seen below. DMA Automotive suggests that the the front brake be used over the rear brake when possible in an effort to improve the life of your brakes.

Brake maintenance and repair in Duluth

NAPA Auto Parts provides superior auto parts. Their new Total-eclipse calipers are exclusive because they provide an enhanced protective coating that protects them from wearing out the brake rotors, even when your brake pads become dangerously thin. NAPA’s brake pads are adaptive and made of a dual-ceramic material. This gives you smooth and silent braking power with less dusting and guaranteed performance where it counts. Good brake rotors are a NAPA standard. As usual, these vented rotors provide increased stopping power, and maintain properties that keep them cool under pressure.

Regardless of what you choose to purchase when selecting your next brake pads, rotors and calipers, DMA Automotive recommends proper and regular maintenance. We’re happy to evaluate the condition of your brakes and will only suggest a repair if warranted. Remember: brake pads don’t last forever. As they wear thin, a metal indicator will create a “squealing noise” upon braking.

Brakes Fluid Cap | DMA AutomotiveIgnoring this warning could lead to a “grinding” noise that indicates your brake pads have worn down to the rotor and now metal parts are colliding. This isn’t good in your engine, and it’s just as bad with your brakes. This is a surefire sign your vehicle needs a break repair immediately. Protect yourself from an expensive repair by buying quality brake pads when it’s time. We’re happy to check your brake fluids as well; it’s a cheap service and a quick way to spot problems. Properly maintained brakes are far more likely to extend the life and value of your vehicle in Duluth, John’s Creek, Suwanee, Peachtrees Corner, Norcross, and Lawrenceville.

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