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Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Most people have experienced that uneasy feeling of seeing the pesky check engine light or flash, when they least expect it. But what does this light actually mean? While the cause may be minor, it could also mean that there is some malfunctioning detected by the on-board computer of your vehicle. Either way, DMA Automotive can help.

When you are not sure why the check engine light is on, bring it to the experts.

Do not put off a visit to a repair shop if you are not sure why the check engine light suddenly goes on. There are a number of reasons why check engine light goes on it could be a minor reason like a loose gas cap or a major issues like a malfunctioning engine. Usually, if a major issue is not repaired, it could permanently damage the car system. You should never ignore it.

Regular check engine light diagnostics will help ensure that your vehicle is in a safe working condition.

Why get my car serviced with DMA automotive?

When our certified technicians at DMA automotive perform an engine diagnostics check, he will begin by transmitting information from the computer diagnostic tool of your vehicle into a diagnostic tool. The engine diagnostics service then continues with the technician expertly combines the performance data with his experience to:

  • Properly diagnose the reason the check-engine light of your vehicle is on
  • Come up with a recommendation to repair the vehicle
  • Show you related issues, possible causes, and point out the degree of urgency with which the vehicle needs to get serviced
  • Reset the check-engine light

Why is regular engine check and service necessary for my vehicle?

There are several critical issues that can go unnoticed and are nearly impossible for even a certified technician to point out without a professional diagnostic tool. If you find that the check-engine light is on, DMA Automotive engine diagnostic services will help determine exactly why. There are a number of possible reasons why the check engine light could be on:

Regular scheduled engine services like an oil change could be due

The brake system or sensors may require adjustment or resetting

It could be an issue related to the engine, electrical, or computer performance of the vehicle

How often should I have my engine checked?

Essential information about a vehicle is provided in the dashboard light. If the check engine light is one, you need to take the vehicle foe servicing as soon as possible.

However, for optimal vehicle reliability and safety and reliability, engine check and diagnosis should be included in your annual vehicle maintenance, even if your check engine light is not on or flashing.

DMA automotive is certainly the expert in check engine light diagnosis, with years of experience; DMA Automotive is also one of the fastest growing names in automotive care. DMA is synonymous with reliable and expert automotive care handling even the most complicated system of your car.